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This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business insider intelligence fintech briefing subscribers. has granted the first set of its long-awaited digital-only banking licenses,

Industry throws wet blanket on the digital mortgage revolution. Over the last few years, publications just like this one spilled a significant amount of ink on the digital mortgage revolution – that is the effort to take the cumbersome, paper-intensive mortgage process online. innovations like Quicken Loans’.

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In 2016, Quicken Loans launched their fully online lending service that saw an increase in their total loan amounts by 22%, and loanDepot’s digital lending platform saw their numbers grow by 40%, where Wells Fargo and Bank of America only saw 5% and 1.72% growth respectively. 5 In fact, in late 2017 and early 2018, Quicken Loans overtook banking triumvirate: Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase Bank, as the top originator of residential mortgages. 6. Why fintech is overtaking traditional.

In The Digital Disruption of Home Loans Report, Business Insider Intelligence looks at the fundamental problems dogging the current mortgage process and examines why these flaws are becoming.

Over the past several years, the largest U.S. banks have invested billions in fintech. Digital Everything” cater to the 60 percent of U.S. banking consumers who have said they’d be willing to try a.

Properly leveraged, AI and machine learning also have the ability to help lenders and servicers take full advantage of digital mortgages, which has the added. can also lead to huge reductions in.

MyMortgage is a state-of-the-art digital mortgage experience for the consumers of 2020 and beyond. A mortgage is such a personal transaction. Beyond the use of technology to make the loan process more efficient, we will continue to assist our borrowers with real people – experts dedicated to helping borrowers through what is often the biggest transaction of their lives."

Using loan- level data on the near-universe of U.S. mortgages from 2010 to 2016, we nd that FinTech lenders reduce processing time by about 10 days, or 20% of the average processing time. In our preferred speci cations, this e ect is larger for re nance mortgages (14.6 days) than purchase mortgages (9.2 days).

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