False Claims Act cases make lenders ask ‘Where’s the reg relief?’

Tony Munter: A reverse false claims case is different than a typical false claim in that the issue is what the defendant kept from the government as opposed to what the government paid the defendant. In normal false claims act cases, somebody lies to the government in order to get a payment of some kind and make money.

Why False Claims Act enforcement is still vexing under Trump The year opened with hopes that regulatory and enforcement pressures would abate for the mortgage industry. The reality has turned out quite differently.

4) The false claim was made by someone else False claims made by someone else on your behalf, when you were not aware of and did not participate in the claim, should not disqualify you from getting a green card or immigrant visa.

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Paragraph 3(b) governs the release of claims based on fraudulent annual certifications as follows: (3)(b) [T]he United States fully and finally releases [wells fargo] from any civil or administrative claims it has or may have and from any civil or administrative remedies or penalties (expressly including punitive or exemplary damages) it may seek to impose under FIRREA, the False Claims Act, and the Program.

Opinion False Claims Act cases make lenders ask ‘Where’s the reg relief?’. Critics of recent False Claims Act enforcement argue the Justice Department is too heavy-handed toward lenders and servicers.. FinReg & Policy Watch is the only newsletter that scans and analyzes the full breadth of.

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This case teaches that money also stimulates legal artifice. For over one hundred and fifty years, the False Claims Act (FCA) has imposed civil liability on anyone who defrauds the federal government of money or property. See generally Act of March 2, 1863, ch. 67, 12 stat. 69(1863) (codified as 6 amended at 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 ).

The Trump administration’s Justice Department was expected to be less aggressive in its pursuit of False Claims Act cases against the mortgage industry. Instead, its focus has shifted to Federal Housing Administration-insured reverse mortgages.

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